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What could be paired better with the right lighting than the right music!

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Sadly, home invasions have become so common that they are old news or generally acknowledged as inevitable.

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Numerous studies show that lighting plays a significant role in our emotional well being.



Wire Works has the licenses, skill and ability to meet your commercial business needs.

Serving All of Southern Colorado for 10 Years!!

Wire Works Co., Inc. is a company native to Colorado and has been serving clients for ten years. With twenty years of specialized experience you can fully depend on their work and services to be the highest quality with the most up-to-date techniques. Wire Works is the only company you will ever need for all of your electrical and technical needs for the home or business.

So what can Wire Works do for you? Whether you are a private home owner or a hard working business, Wire Works can make your activities more efficient, enjoyable, safe and beautiful.

Please browse and enjoy this website to familiarize yourself with all of the amazing advances that can be made to your home or business.

Before you call anyone else, call us today for a free consultation – (719) 492-6955

cbbb-badge-horzYour satisfaction is of paramount concern to Wire Works. Whether you have a small project or an extensive one, each job and customer will be treated with the dignity and value they deserve. We pride ourselves on timely service and quality work. It will be done right the first time. Wire Works is accessible. You shouldn’t have to call several times to get a response from a company. Call us once and we will respond.

Please see our reviews and customer feedback so you can confidently invest in your project relationship with us. Wire Works is BBB rated, fully licensed, insured and takes pride in the speed, efficiency and cleanliness of every project undertaken by us. Our reputation is something we highly value and carefully safeguard so you too can feel comfortable that your home or business will be safe and undamaged.

This is one area where attention to detail and correct planning has set us apart from other companies. This approach helps projects run smoothly and seamlessly. Clients frequently tell us how amazed they were with the speed with which their projects were completed. They appreciate this so they can quickly get back to what they do best.

Wire Works has an incomparable work ethic that ensures the benefit to all parties concerned. Wire Works is honest, dependable and adheres to all state, county and city codes. Demeanor and language is always professional, with open communication between all parties to help ensure that misunderstandings are prevented. We, as much as is reasonably possible, put all agreements, quotes, and estimates in writing for your convenience and reference.

Due to the sheer number of companies out there it can be overwhelming to find the right contractor for you. Wire Works truly is a one of a kind company. Rather than sticking to what they have learned in the past and being satisfied with just passing their licensing tests, all those at Wire Works continuously advance their education to enable them to be up-to-date with all of the latest technology, latest techniques, as well as the best products. The days of just plugging something in are gone. Everything needs to be programmed to communicate with all of your devices. We then show you how simple it is to operate your system so you can easily enjoy and utilize your technology. After all, your technology should work for you, not the other way around.