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Electricians in Colorado Springs | Certified Master Electricians – Why important in choosing an electrical contractor

Why trust Wire Works Co Inc for electricians Colorado Springs?

Wire Works Co Inc has over 20 years of experience in providing quality electrical installations, including home theaters, lighting, & security systems. Our licenses and insurance are up-to-date. In addition, we have many testimonials from satisfied clients. Wire Works Co Inc serves Colorado Springs and Southern Colorado. We are a local, trusted master electrician.  Contact us today to meet a friendly, helpful electrician who can help you with all your home theater needs & wants.

How does the Wire Works Co Inc process work?

  1. Email Wire Works Co Inc, or give us a call.
  2. WireWorks will schedule a time convenient for you to assess your home.
  3. An easy to understand explanation and written estimate will be provided to you.
  4. Wire Works will install the electrical services customized to your needs. We pride ourselves on being clean and efficient.
  5. Any option you prefer to pay with -cash, check or credit card- works just fine!

Contact us now to set up a consultation & receive a written estimate.

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What do electricians in Colorado Springs do?

An Electrical Contractor or a Master Electrician installs and maintains electrical power, lighting, communication and control systems in homes, offices, businesses and factories. An Electrical Contractor would work on building a home theater; maintain electrical wiring and home automation Colorado Springs or help with home theater installation.

A Master Electrician directs and trains other electricians to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring or equipment. He manages a team of electricians, studies blueprints or technical diagrams, identifies any electrical problems, replaces electrical wires or rewires a building and may work with a home theater installer Colorado Springs. An electrical contractor or a master electrician will have a comprehensive understanding of the state and local building regulations that are based on the National Electric Code.

Electrical contractors may work alone, or collaborate with other professionals such as architects, civil engineers and building contractors. They may work with specialists such as elevator installers, heating and air conditioning workers, or home theater installers in Colorado Springs.

Hire Only Licensed Professionals For Electrical Needs

An electrician is a man who is licensed and specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of various electrical appliances for both residential and commercial purposes.

They are trained in this field with the main focus on how the electrical feature of an appliance works. They look deeply into the engineering and the electrical connectivity of a device and therefore when something goes wrong, the electricians in Colorado Springs know exactly how to fix it. The electrical appliances of today are more complicated to understand than ever before. With every device being “smart technology” these days, the systems are a combination of fine detailed engineering and design. It is a must to get them installed with the help of a professional to avoid wear and tear.

Many people try to save that extra buck or two on installation by trying to go through the reader manual and install these appliances on their own. Well, an important aspect that they don’t understand is that the appliance may have cost them a fortune and in the process of saving those few extra bucks, they may actually be risking thousands. There is a good chance that you may connect the wrong wires, or get the sockets mixed up. Electric appliances are delicate and all it needs is one spark to destroy the entire piece. Expert electricians of Colorado Springs help install your gadgets perfectly at exclusive and reasonable prices that do not feel too heavy on your pocket. They are licensed individuals who are trained to deal with these things and are just a call away. Contact Wire Works Co Inc today!

What is the Minimum Qualification required to be an Electrician?

In almost all states, electricians need to be certified. But before that, a prospective electrician must have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent. They should have taken 1 year of algebra in high school, pass an aptitude test and pass a drug test. This is the minimum qualification required to attend a technical school, where they learn the techniques involved in operating with circuitry, electrical safety practices and the basics related to electrical science. On graduating from a technical school, electricians may continue their education and learn more about safety practices, details about the electrical code, and get specialized training by manufacturers in various electrical products.

After completing their initial training, electricians may be required to take continuing education courses. These courses are usually related to safety practices, changes to the electrical code, and training from manufacturers in specific products such as building a home theater and work as a home theater installer Colorado Springs, for example.

What are Electrician Certifications?

Electricians are required to get certified even as they are trained through apprenticeship programs under electrical contracting companies that are sponsored by local unions or national associations.

Aspiring electricians may join a certificate program before or during an apprenticeship with an electrical contractor. An apprenticeship program may take 4 to 5 years to complete. During an apprenticeship program, electricians must complete a minimum of 144 hours of technical training and over 2,000 hours of on-the- job training.

An electrician certificate program is quite comprehensive and covers maintenance and installation of residential, commercial and industrial electrical systems, with a special focus on safety procedures. An electrician certification program takes a year to complete.

In a typical certification program, electricians receive training in the National Electrical Code, study electrical wiring, safety practices, reading blueprints, mathematics and so on.

On completing the apprenticeship, electricians-in- training should get certified by passing the state licensing exam. Getting certified is absolutely critical for electricians. All states require electricians to take the state licensing exams and be licensed before working as professionals in the field. For more information on this, get in touch with your state electrical licensing board.

What are the requirements of a State Electrical Licensing Exam?

Electricians can get certified only by passing an electrical licensing exam conducted by their state board. In a typical licensing exam, electricians will be tested on their knowledge of electrical theory, national and local electrical codes. Some states require electricians to get a master electrician certification for specialized electrical work. It is important for electricians to have gathered sufficient work experience to become eligible for an electrician certification and licensing offered by their state.

Job Outlook for Electricians in the United States

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), electricians in the country had a mean annual wage of $53,030 in 2012. The BLS expects demand for electricians in the country to increase by 23% from 2010 to 2020 with a specific demand for specialists working on areas such as home automation Colorado Springs, home theater installation, solar and wind power and so on.

Home Security in Colorado Springs: Safe Housing And Better Lives

A lot of people do not consider home security systems until they fall prey to a theft or a mishap. A great deal of these incidents can be prevented, if people have security systems pre-installed.

The current economic system and crisis have been putting people in financially desperate situations. Therefore such crimes are taking place every 15 minutes in some or the other part of the world.

There are a lot of ways to prevent these things from happening and security systems are on top of the list of things to do to prevent burglars from breaking into your house. There are a lot of other benefits associated with security systems. Thieves try to enter a property based on the ease of entrance but they are always afraid of getting caught. If their target has a Home Security in Colorado Springs, it is highly likely that they will not break into the house and find an easier target with no security systems installed.

There is complete peace of mind in knowing that your house and family are safe. There is no worry when leaving the house empty and going out of the town as well. Even insurance companies offer better discounts and premiums to properties with security systems installed. The systems let you respond better to emergencies and deal with culprits even if a theft has taken place.

Questions That Need To Be Answered Before Finalizing A Home Security System

Security systems protect you from more than just a thief. What makes the most difference is the automation system, the installing and the monitoring options, but choosing a home security system needs careful consideration. There are a few questions that require specific answers before finalizing a home security in Colorado:

  • Is the home under your ownership or rented?
  • Will the current owner need mobile access?
  • Is a camera necessary?
  • Are the owners going to stay for long or are they planning to move anytime soon?
  • Does the home need simple security or more than an anti burglar system?

Answering these simple questions will help you chose the right home security in Colorado. You will not only be able to finalize a particular system but also be able to work on your budgeted amount. The right system will be available for the right price only by knowing exactly what is needed. The next thing that needs attention after the cost is:

  •  Installation- The installation procedure and requirements are very important. Some people may try to install the systems themselves to save extra bucks, but it is always better to get it done by a professional to avoid mishaps and future repair costs that may turn out to be way more expensive.
  • Warranty on equipment- This is a very important aspect to consider when choosing a home security system in Colorado. Most companies offer warranties on replacement and repairs for a certain period. Make sure these are taken care of, to avoid problems in the future.

Take note of the above mentioned FAQs and contact Wire Works Co Inc for more details.

What options are available for lighting in Colorado Springs?

The electricians of Colorado Spring’s based Wire Works Co Inc can help you select and install the ideal lighting setup in your home. Wire Works has personally worked on countless lighting installs. We have the experience necessary to help you perfectly capture the right environment in your home. What areas of your home may need to be lit up? Here are some popular options:

  • Above the kitchen sink
  • Over a breakfast bar
  • Around the home theater system to prevent glare
  • Light up a bookshelf
  • Show off your collection of model cars, beautiful antiques or other valuables
  • Set your home to automatically light up when you come home
  • Scare off intruders with a brightly lit exterior

Those are just some ideas that can help beautify your home. Our specialized consultations can help take your lighting projects to the next level!

What options are available for home theater Colorado Springs?

A home theater can help make football Sunday that much more special. It can turn a triple AAA Hollywood blockbuster into a memory you cherish. Even popular TV shows look and sound better when the the technology in your audio & video system are easy to use.

The electricians of Colorado Spring’s based Wire Works Co Inc can help you select and install the best home theater for your living space. Wire Works has personally worked on copious home theater installs. We have the experience necessary to help yo amplify your home entertainment experience. Our specialized consultations can help take your home entertainment project to the next level!

Learn more about our home theater installation options here.

POE Switch & How to test Power over Ethernet

Why bother with Powering devices over Ethernet?

Oftentimes you’d like to install a device such as a security camera. To install this device, you’d normally need two wires traipsing through your establishment. Usually, power comes a separate power cord and controlling the device using data requires using yet another cord, usually an Ethernet wire.

These two lines supply power and data. Data would send information to your device, allowing you to control it. For example, if you are running a remote control camera, any time you adjust the focus of the camera, this data is sent over the cable connected via Ethernet.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just have one wire running through your home or business? Enter Power over Ethernet (PoE). There are many advantages to using Power over Ethernet:

  1. With one less wire to run, your bill from a local electrician just went down!
  2. Your device doesn’t need to be next to a power outlet, or have a separate power source installed, thus allowing you increased freedom.
  3. POE is advanced. Power over Ethernet can protect your devices from being overloaded, underpowered, or being installed incorrectly.
  4. Because of its universal nature, Power over Ethernet can have a back up power source or be controlled easily – disable and reset devices at will!
  5. With power on your network, the possibilities are unlimited. Give your business room to grow with simple and effective installation and scalability.

What practical applications can PoE serve?

Power over Ethernet can control a variety of devices. 3 of the most popular applications are:

  1. VoIP (communicating via the internet).
  2. IP cameras (security cameras, or other video cameras). 
  3. and wireless devices such as RFID readers (security cards).

How can you add Power over Ethernet to your home and commercial buildings?

POE Switch – Power over Ethernet Switches

A POE switch is a popular way to add PoE to your network. A PoE switch has Power over Ethernet built in. There are a variety of options available to suit any application. Ask your local electrician for advice regarding which PoE to buy, or have them set it up for you.

Then, simply connect your network devices to the switch like any other Ethernet switch. The PoE Switch can and will detect what devices are PoE compatible and make the necessary adjustment. For example it will enable the power automatically!

Midspan – Power over Ethernet

What if your regular network links do not have PoE? Use a midspan, or PoE injector. Each network connection must be routed through the PoE injector. A midspan can be used by an electrician contractor to upgrade existing LAN to Power over Ethernet. As with a PoE switch, there are a variety of midspan options available. Also similar to Power over Ethernet switches, power is automatically supplied.

PoE Splitter – Power over Ethernet Splitter

The device itself, such as an existing IP security camera, can be upgraded to PoE. The camera’s network connection is tied into the PoE splitter, and taps into the Power over Ethernet. The power is then converted into low voltage power acceptable to power the device.

What types of tools make PoE and PoE Switch installation easier?

There are a variety of tools available to test and install Power over Ethernet devices. Wire Works Co Inc officially recommends the use of Net Prowler™, Cable Prowler™ or Net Chaser™ tools. These are products of Platinum Tools. When these network testers are connected to an Ethernet cable, a lot of valuable information can be found out, like:

  • Maximum power
  • Supply voltage range
  • Power supply mode
  • Which pairs are transmitting PoE voltage
  • Link Speed and capability
Platinum Tool's Net Prowler to test POE switch

Platinum Tool’s Net Prowler

Net Prowler features

  • IPV4 and IPV6 support
  • Determine CDP or LLDP protocols
  • VLAN identification
  • Map networks
    • Show MAC address of the device
    • Display device names
    • Determine IP addresses
  • Keep track of test results for internal review or archive by connecting to a PC with USB

Cable Prowler by Platinum Tools for use with POE switches

Cable Prowler by Platinum Tools

Cable Prowler features

  • Fault finding capabilities
    • Tone generation
    • Link light identification
    • Trace individual cores
  • PoE Voltage Testing:
    • The Cable Prowler is especially helpful installing Power over Ethernet.
      • Tests the presence of PoE on the network
      • Current link status
      • Keep a record of network tests
      • Identify
        • open circuits,
        • short circuits
        • incorrect RJ45 connections
        • measure the length of the cable or the distance to a fault
Platinum Tool's Net Chaser helping when installing POE switch

Platinum Tool’s Net Chaser

Net Chaser features

  • Can test for network noise
  • Detecting faults in the cable wiring
  • Ensure cables can support the speed required
    • Speed Certification to IEEE standards 802.3

Network Cable in Colorado Springs – What Home & Business Owners Should Know

Network cable in Colorado Springs Ethernet terminationThe Ethernet networking standard that underlies most of today’s wired data connections is over thirty-five years old. Early Ethernet connections offered bandwidth at a tiny fraction of what today’s connections do. Dozens of important developments have since collectively allowed for the far higher speeds users enjoy today.

In addition to evolving consistently in the digital realm of zeroes and ones, network cable in Colorado Springs has also developed greatly in terms of the data that it carries, like video and streaming material. The first cables used for creating Ethernet connections were simple by today’s standards, with many advances since allowing for far faster and more reliable networking.

 Category 6 – State of the Art Advancements in Network Cable

The most advanced standardized form of cable at the present time is known as Category 6, often abbreviated as “cat 6.” Just like their predecessors in Category 5, data cables from this family come in a couple of different varieties.

What they share, though, is the ability to provide the greatest possible bandwidth allowed for by the modern Ethernet standard. When the right conditions are in place, Category 6 cables can deliver speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second under the 10GBASE-T Ethernet standard. At the same time, cable of this class will also allow for full backward compatibility with older, slower equipment, making this the most flexible and future-proof basic form of Ethernet cable Colorado Springs providers offer today.

Upping the Ante with Improved Shielding and Reduced Noise

While Category 6 has proved to be an extremely capable and desirable form of network cable in Colorado Springs, an even newer and more advanced version is also available. With improved shielding and other design tweaks, CAT6A cable can deliver the same levels of bandwidth over greater run lengths and with even more reliability.

Although the benefits of this refined version of the Category 6 standard become most obvious in especially demanding environments, making use of it in other settings can be a good way of covering all the bases. Because it is even more resistant to crosstalk and other forms of interference, it will often make sense to deploy cable of the more advanced Category 6 “A” type just to be safe.Network cable in Colorado Springs Ethernet terminate cat6 diagram

Terminating Networking Cable

Of course, cable alone will not allow for the network connectivity that local business and residents are so interested in. Unfinished Ethernet cable of all kinds has to be terminated with an appropriate connector being affixed to each end of a particular run.

This is a straightforward, routine process, although it does require skill and attention to complete successfully:

  • The end of the cable is first stripped to expose the individual wires bundled within.
  • The wires are then carefully separated and sorted into a predetermined order according to their colors.
  • So arranged, the wires are inserted into a fresh connector of the appropriate class and type.
  • A specialized crimping tool is then used to permanently close the connector with excess wire length often being trimmed in the process.
  • Any necessary finishing will be conducted, followed by testing to ensure the termination was successful.

Running Network Cable in Colorado Springs in a Home or Business?

As might be expected, actually installing network cable in Colorado Springs is something a professional electrician will be well suited for. In fact, the installation of cabling itself is generally easier than doing the same for electrical wiring, with the skills that allow for the latter being all that are needed and then some.

It will therefore generally make excellent sense to call a local electrician for any work of this kind that might be needed. Terminating CAT6 is only one step in the process, and it is one an electrician will be especially well qualified for as well. Contact Wire Works Co Inc for all your Ethernet or network cable services.

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Wire Works Co Inc provides electrical wiring in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today – our specialized consultations can take your electrical panel upgradesbusiness security systems & professional electrical contracting to the next level. Our electricians are certified and hold all proper licensing & insurance

Power over Ethernet (PoE) – Testing & Installing Devices

power over ethernet colorado springsMany devices, like security cameras, require a separate power source – meaning that more wiring and complexity are needed. However, Power over Ethernet or PoE, is a better way of wiring – the Ethernet cable running to a device can also supply the power needed to run the device. This eliminates many of the problems of traditional CCTV security cameras. Power over Ethernet can also power other automated systems.

To install PoE (Power over Ethernet) systems,  basic electrical principles and rules need to applied. If issues occur during installation, a digital network tester must be used to  to measure and detect Power over Ethernet (PoE) errors.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) options

Two Power over Ethernet (PoE) variances are available. One PoE, referred to as “Standard PoE” ensures that a max of 12.95 watts is present at the device, in this case a security camera. This provides a working voltage of 37 & 57 volts DC.

There is also a higher variant of PoE, often referred to as PoE+.  Power over Ethernet Plus supplies 25.5 watts at a voltage between 42.5 and 57 volts at the device.

PoE Operating Modes & Power Specs

In addition to these two variances, two operating modes are available. Mode A supplies positive power on pins 1 and 2 and negative power on pins 3 and 6, while mode B uses pins 4 and 5 for positive power and pins 7 and 8 for negative power.

Two types of power supply are possible. A midspan injector is connected between the switch and the device. 12.95 watts is the maximum that Midspan can support.

Power Supply – Midspan PoE

Midspan operates in mode B and operates using spare pairs that are not needed for 10Base-TX and 100Base-TX Ethernet.

Power Supply – PoE Routers & Switches

As another option,PoE enabled routers and switches can supply the power. This is compatible with 1000Base-TX Ethernet speeds. Data lines supply the power.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) Problems

A Power over Ethernet device like a security camera can only operate when power is supplied. Therefore, power is supplied when the device is plugged in. The actual power supply is higher than the specs listed. Why? The power must overcome the resistance of the cable itself.  For PoE it is 15.4 watts and PoE+ it’s 30 watts.

4, 7, 15.4 or 30 watts are the max classes that PoE can supply.

A high quality cable is worth using in Power over Ethernet applications.  A poor quality cable will leave insufficient  power for the device, and it will power off. A high quality solid CAT6 cable is best, especially for PoE+, due to its higher current carrying capacity.

Digital Network Testers installing PoE

Need to know the length of a cable, or measure distance? A digital network tester can help!

Installing Power over Ethernet (PoE) requires the use of digital network testers. The availability of PoE, the maximum power available as well as the supply voltage range and power supply mode are displayed on a tester. The digital network tester will also identify which pairs are transmitting the PoE voltage, test the link speed and capability.

Network Testers can also show IPV4 and IPV6 protocols, ping IP and URL addresses and establish whether CDP or LLDP protocols are used. When using the network mapping capabilities, the tester will show MAC addresses, device names and IP addresses, in addition to VLAN identification.

To find errors and faults, link light identification on the tester can identify which port the cable is connected. Plus, a tone generator can even trace, show and identify individual cores.  Open circuits, short circuits and incorrect RJ45 connections can be identified.

How to install Power over Ethernet (PoE)

It can be overwhelming trying to find & install the right Power over Ethernet devices that are just right for you.

Let Wire Works Co Inc help. If you live in Colorado Springs we would be more than happy to be of assistance. With over 20 years of experience you can fully depend on us to provide work of the highest quality and with the most up-to-date techniques. Contact us!


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Wire Works Co Inc provides electrical wiring in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today – our specialized consultations can take your electrical wiringhome automation & security systems to the next level. Our electricians are certified and hold all proper licensing & insurance.


Home Automation Embedding – WHAT IS IT?

Home Automation Embedding Colorado Springs

A very brief explanation of what home automation embedding is:

Also known as domotics or “smart home systems”, home automation embedding refers to the electronic or automatic control of home systems. These include household features, such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, and various appliances.

A more in-depth, and more interesting explanation, goes a little bit like this:

History of Home Automation

The history of automation goes back further than many people realize. As early as almost 120 years ago Nikola Tesla made the first wireless remote control. (He used it for controlling a miniature boat. Hurrah for all the model boat enthusiasts!)

Only a few years later we see the start of electric or gas-powered domestic appliances, beginning with a vacuum cleaner. It soared on from there with refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, sewing machines, and toasters. (This was only for the wealthy, though. Those things were expensive.)

As time went on, and appliances were becoming more common place, the idea of home automation was played with more and more. And not just by science fiction authors. It wasn’t until 1975, though, when the first home automation network technology was developed.

In the year of 1984 the term “Smart Home” was first coined by the American Association of House Builders. On through the late ’80s and ’90s embedded home automation was slowly growing. Until we reach today, when it is absolutely booming.Home Automation Embedding Colorado Springs

Home Automation Today

Today technology is so affordable and readily available we generally don’t even think about it. Automation in both the home and business is a part of all of our lives. Not everyone has jumped onto the bandwagon yet, but millions now control their TVs, heating and AC, lightsalarm systems, and doors via controllers or smart phones. This is Home Automation!

But what do the individual terms mean?  Automation? Embedding? Why domotics, or “Smart Home”?

  • Automation

When something operates automatically it means that it works by itself, with little or no direct human control. So, home automation means that much of the items in the home can operate pretty much on their own. As an example, modern thermostats adjust minute by minute to daily temperature fluctuations in the home. So, other than us entering our preferred temperature, they operate automatically. More home systems are becoming automated every year.

  • Embedding

Originally, according to, the word Embed referred to fossils in rock. Today, it can refer to fixing any one thing to another. So, given the subject at hand, “home automation embedding” refers to the attaching of control systems to any automated object in your home.

  • Domotics

The term “domotics” has been used more and more as a way to describe how domestic appliances are being combined with computers and robotics. (It comes from mixing together the Latin word for home, domus, and robotics.) Really it’s just a cool was to say Home Automation, or Smart Home.

  • Smart Home

So, onto the last phrase: Smart Home. This term refers to more than just strictly automated appliances. Rather, it combines the above three terms into one. We’ve covered how pretty much anything in your home can be automated, and it can be embedded with control systems to make that possible. A Smart Home is one that takes these automated systems and gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on them by means of your smart phone or computer. Much like in Ray Bradbury’s short story There Will Come Soft Rains, a Smart Home provides comfort and efficiency whether anyone is home or not. (But, not in a creepy way.)

How Do I Get Home Automation Embedding?

Embedded home automation, or making our home a “smart” one, is something that is not only feasible in the modern age, but something that will make our lives so much better!

Ranging from “intelligent” stand alone objects to entire “attentive” homes that gather information with the goal of anticipating the occupants needs, the options are nearly endless. Whatever extent you wish to go with your home automation, we will be there to help. Contact Wire Works Co., and let us make life easier for you.

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Wire Works Co Inc provides electrical wiring in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today – our specialized consultations can take your electrical wiringsecurity system installation, & whole house generators to the next level. Our electricians are certified and hold all proper licensing & insurance.

Whole house generators installed in Colorado Springs – Protect your home from power outages

whole house generators standby generator installation generac installer colorado springs

Standby generator installation completed by Wire Works Co Inc

What is a whole house generator?

A whole house generator installation is good for those power outages when critical appliances can’t lose power, especially when you’re not there to deal with it!

Whole house generators help protect your family and every item inside it.  Oftentimes, a power outage happens when you least expect it. With a smart, well thought-out plan a professional electrician can ensure your home never loses power. Electricity is vital to our modern lifestyle. Ensure your investments are protected. A whole house generator solution can ensure the safety of your home, business and family.

Why trust Wire Works Co Inc with a whole house generators installation?

Wire Works Co Inc has over 20 years of experience in providing quality electrical installations. Our licenses and insurance are up-to-date. In addition, we have many testimonials from satisfied clients. Wire Works Co Inc serves Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. We are a local, trusted master electrician.  Contact us today to meet a friendly, helpful electrician who can help you with a standby generator installation.

How does a standby generator installation work?

  1. Email Wire Works Co Inc, or give us a call.
  2. WireWorks will schedule a time convenient for you to assess your home for standby generator installation.
  3. An easy to understand explanation and written estimate will be provided to you.
  4. Wire Works will install whole house generators customized to your needs. We pride ourselves on being clean and efficient.
  5. Any option you prefer to pay with -cash, check or credit card- works just fine!

Contact us now to set up a consultation & receive a written estimate.

Wire Works Company Incorporated

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Phone: (719) 492-6955


Wire Works Co Inc provides electrical wiring in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today – our specialized consultations can take your TV over fireplace installation, CCTV security systems, home automation & outdoor movies to the next level. Our electricians are certified and hold all proper licensing & insurance.

Commercial CCTV business security – Why & How?


In an increasingly crime prevalent world our personal and business security is on our minds more and more. Also known as Video Surveillance, CCTV has been both trusted and doubted, relied upon and the source of much debate. What is the history of CCTV and how is it used today? What are the limitations  and what are the benefits? Let Wire Works Co Inc be your guide to security systems in Colorado Springs

commercial business cctv colorado springs


The first known CCTV installed was in 1942 Germany to observe the launch of the V-2 rockets. Seven years later the first commercially used CCTV was installed in the United States under the name “Vericon”. Unfortunately little is known about Vericon itself, and the continued growth of Video Surveillance in general was slow in the following decades.

Though there were some early forerunners in installation, CCTV didn’t really start taking off until the 1980s when surveillance by video began to spread all across the country in efforts to limit crime rate. Then, in the mid-1990s police departments joined in by installing surveillance in various public places, like schools and public park departments.

In 2014 there were an estimated 245 million video surveillance cameras worldwide in a variety of applications such as retailing, industry, banking, transportation, communication, health care, apartment buildings, hotels, and private homes. And in contrast with the poor abilities of early video surveillance, modern CCTV just keeps improving.

commercial business cctv colorado springs


There is strong evidence that CCTV aids in the detection and conviction of offenders, yet there is much public and political hostility toward video surveillance in the issue of personal privacy. Some even reference George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, calling CCTV “Big Brother Surveillance.”

While there are many published papers strongly against the use of video surveillance in public areas, the fact of video surveillance being used in private homes or small businesses doesn’t appear to be debated as heavily. And we believe for good reason. Most people will admit that not only does CCTV help business owners to run a more honest, safe, and crime-free business, it also helps with peace of mind. This peace of mind transfers over when video surveillance is used in the private home.

commercial cctv wiring colorado springs


There is a wide range in the quality of the system you may look into buying. Ranging from just a couple hundred dollars to the many thousands, the cost of what you could install is affected by many factors. These factors also strongly influence the limitations and/or benefits of your particular CCTV system.

Among the obvious limitations of a camera system is that while it will record a crime taking place, a camera does not have the ability to immediately put up a force field or some such around the offender (we don’t live in a science fiction story). But, many CCTV systems do have the ability to work with the other security systems installed in your home or business. For instance, when alarms are set off in a particular area, the cameras in that area may have the ability to record at an improved frame rate and then transmit that to an Alarm Receiving Center. Some cameras can even identify, track and categorize things in their line of vision, with the help of video surveillance software.

Perhaps another limitation is actually within the type of recording system you use. Some need to be monitored live, whereas others can use recording technology. Among recording technology there are many options: Some can be recorded onto a DVR, which can then be watched and retained, or removed. Others have the ability to take high resolution images from the scene either on a motion-detection basis or by time lapse photography. Yet others will only record video based on motion-detection.

While there are many other factors to consider, and many pros and cons therein, the benefits of using CCTV in either your home or business heavily outweigh the limitations.

commercial business cctv colorado springs


Prevent Crime.

Simply the presence of a security camera in sight of your business or home can deter not only outsiders from doing something they shouldn’t, but also (unfortunate that we have to consider this) our employees.


Let’s say a crime is committed, but we were either not home when it happened, or couldn’t get the offender before they left. Having your CCTV system set up to record can be a great asset as evidence against the criminal. On top of that, your system may be used in helping Law Enforcement solve a crime you weren’t even aware of.

Confidence in Security.

Many CCTV systems can link with the internet, therefore your smart phone or tablet. Since this is the case, you would have the ability to not only check on your home while you’re away, but also any loved ones you may be concerned about (such as elderly relatives). In your business, knowing that cameras are around can give customers the confidence that if something were to occur to endanger them, there would be recorded evidence of it. They would feel an increase of security in your establishment.

commercial business cctv colorado springs

How to install CCTV

It can be overwhelming trying to find the right CCTV system and software that is just right for you. And then, if you were to find it or are just looking to upgrade the security camera system you presently have, “who can I trust to install/ improve it,” would be a valid question.

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Safeguard Your Family And Property With Wireless Burglar Alarms

Safeguard Your Family And Property With Wireless Burglar Alarms

Nearly everywhere the rising crime rate is a topic that is being talked about constantly. So why not do something about it? Keeping yourself and your family safe is the most important action one can possibly take! Wireless burglar alarms help tighten the safety of a property which means less sleepless nights and no more worries of “what could happen”. Install these alarms and get sound sleep, with no more worries about safety.

Surveys show that there are 750 burglaries for every 10,000 people in the US. 62% of these crimes take place during the day time. Having a burglar alarm installed ensures your safety and gives you enough time to take the necessary action in case someone tries to break into your home.

Assortment Of Wireless Burglar Alarms

Wireless burglar alarms can be as elaborate or as simple as one requires. There are different varieties that offer everything from simple door alarms for condos or apartments to security systems designed for the complete home. Every system has a control panel with a keypad and a siren or alarm.

More elaborate systems may also have sensors that respond to glass breaks and other models have motion sensors that can help in staying alert in case of any burglary attempt.

Know What Kind Of Alarm System Will Suit Your Needs

Consult a home security professional today and let them guide you before investing in a wireless burglar alarm system. Professionals evaluate the property, the neighborhood and then advise the home owners as to what system will best suit their requirement. Wireless alarms provide comprehensive security for a property. Alarms are not as expensive to install as they used to be, which is an added benefit. They are very affordable and reasonable for people who are constantly on the move.

The wireless security system industry has evolved over the years, and they have been providing security solutions to various companies and business hubs, as well as households. Security systems can be monitored,; therefore they give you the chance to stay alert and take the right action in time to protect and safeguard your property and family members.

Smart Homes: An Old Concept With One Foot In The Future

Smart Homes: An Old Concept With One Foot In The Future

While completing all the household chores all by yourself on weekends, you must be thinking that there should be some gadget that could help you with these endless tasks. Right? If this thought crosses your mind frequently, then it is the right time to switch to a smart home. A smart home is equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that you can conveniently control with a smartphone or computer remotely.

Some decades ago, the ‘smart home’ was just a concept that was merely part of fiction novels and sci-fi movies. With the advancement in technology, this figment of imagination has turned into a reality. Automating your home or converting it to a smart home is exciting as you get an opportunity to renovate your home with gadgets whose applications are virtually unlimited.

In your smart home you don’t need to control lighting fixtures, climate control, entertainment components or any other application individually. You just need to program the concerned device once and the rest will be automatically taken care of. In case you want to change the configuration just integrate the device with your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Home automation systems not only help you with home management but also extend a safe boundary around your residence or business. Security systems include control panels, keypads, sirens, locks, lights, access controls and more. You can select from a perfectly tailored integrated wireless system or opt for the wireless version of a security system.

Sirens are the best way to scare away intruders and inform your neighbors about theft or an unauthorized entry in case of your absence. In your smart home, you also have the liberty to control all the lock systems irrespective of your location. The security systems are equipped with motion sensors that notify you regarding any entry within the boundaries of your property. Additional features like light sensors detect when it is dark and switch ON or OFF the light whenever needed.

If being the life of the party is all you want, then a smart home is just what you require to dazzle your guests. Smart audio system revamp the whole meaning and feel of entertainment in your house. With smart music systems, you get the power of creating the same ambiance in each and every corner of the house with a single device to control all applications. To make the atmosphere more lively, you can choose from in-wall speakers, ceiling speakers, surround sound or sub woofers.

As every electrical appliance is controlled with machines, you get to save greatly on energy consumption and bills. So, a smart home is not just a luxury but a smart need of everyone. Renovate your existing house to make your home an epitome of convenience, comfort and ease.