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Modern Electricity Usage

Where would we be without all the conveniences of modern technology? To take advantage of these benefits we have computers, laptops, tablets, iPods, iPhones, copiers, fax machines, cameras, game boxes, etc., etc., etc. These have long since switched from luxury  items to necessities. Unfortunately all of these desirable components draw a lot of electricity. They are often referred to as vampire loads Рrunning 24/7. Your docking station may get more traffic then the airport!

In a county where we are trying to reduce our carbon footprints, it’s important to look to the future so we can have the power we need when we need it but with as little damage as possible. Having up to date wiring, panels, switches, and eco friendly lighting goes a long ways to using the energy where we need it and saving it where practical.

Let’s keep progress moving in the right direction. Forward! while leaving as small of a wake in its path as possible!

Smart Switch allows you to track how much energy you are using as well as turn off load usage when not in use.