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TV Mounting Service Colorado Springs

Have you recently bought a brand new television? Do you need a TV mounting service Colorado Springs? Hiring an electrician to do the work for you can help save you time, money & effort.

At Wire Works Co Inc, we specialize in TV and surround sound system setup. So, read our guide below to learn what it takes, and why a wall mounted TV is so much better than keeping your television on a basic stand!

Why Have a Wall Mounted TV?

It wasn’t long ago that wall mounted TVs became popular: only when big screens became light enough and brands stopped selling big, heavy CRTs. It’s a little hassle getting one set up, but you can always rely on a TV mounting service Colorado Springs! 

1) Better Visibility 

The main reason why you might want to wall mount your TV is that it’s more easily seen. You can sit anywhere in the room and see it easily, whereas in a regular room layout, your view might be blocked by coffee tables, vases, furniture or anything else you have in your living room.

Having the TV higher up the wall also makes for more comfortable viewing. On a TV stand, the TV is low down; mounted on the wall, you straighten your neck to look at it. While this may not sound like a major difference, it will improve your poster and keep you more comfortable as you watch TV. 

2) Focal Point of a Room’s Design 

Another reason why you should wall mount your TV is that it makes the room it’s in look better. It draws the room together in the same way that a picture or a painting hung on the wall might. And if you watch a lot of TV, that’s especially the case!

This is something you might not appreciate if you don’t already have something tying the room together. It gives the room a sense of purpose, a sense of style and elevates it to look more interesting than it would otherwise. When you talk to our contractors, they can talk you through their plan and show you what the room will look like when they’re done.

3) Hidden Wires

Part of wall mounting a TV is figuring its wiring into your design. Many wall mounting kits come with wire tidies to that end. These wrap around the cables to keep them all in one place, rather than trailing wherever they might ‘want’ to. This looks far tidier, than leaving them dangling. 

Even better, if you have an electrician wall mount your TV, you can run the wires through the wall. They’re definitely not visible there! Coincidentally, this is by far the best way to set up a surround sound system (if it’s one that needs wires, anyway). 

Can You Wall Mount a TV Yourself?

You can wall mount a TV yourself, but it may not be a good idea to do so. There are all sorts of things that might go wrong if you do. Instead, you should consider a TV mounting service Colorado Springs… And here’s why. 

Your TV Might Break

The most obvious issue with wall mounting your TV yourself is that you could damage it. You could do this before you even start, by lifting the TV to see what it looks like in place. TVs are surprisingly heavy, and you could easily drop it. Or, you could accidentally knock it with the mount or with one of your tools, and crack the screen. 

But the bigger problem is when the TV is up on the wall. As your television is likely quite heavy, that’s giving the mount a lot of work to do. If the mount or the wall aren’t up to the job, your TV could schedule an urgent meeting with your living room floor!

You could also do damage to the wall itself. This is far more serious than just breaking a TV, because property repairs can be expensive. That’s far more damage than you can do putting up a simple shelf, for example. 

It Takes Planning

It might sound like an easy job, wall mounting a TV: pick where you want to put it, secure the mount, put the TV up, and plug it in. Easy, right? Unfortunately, it takes a lot more planning than that if you want to get it right. 

The first thing you have to consider is where to mount the TV. It needs to be somewhere that everybody can see it, of course; otherwise, what are you mounting it for? But even more important is mounting it somewhere that it has easy access to electricity. Too far away from an outlet, and you’ll have a long, trailing cable; even further, and you might not be able to plug it in at all. 

Another issue is if you’re planning on mounting the TV to a plasterboard wall or a stud wall. These may not fully support the TV, meaning the mount can break free and your TV might smash. Not a good look. 

TV Mounting Service Colorado Springs

So, if you’re looking for a TV mounting service Colorado Springs, why not consider hiring an electrician to do it for you? At Wire Works Co Inc, we specialize in home cinemas, surround sound, interior lighting and TV setup. Rather than giving yourself lots of work to do, we can make your dream room come to life by:

  • Planning where best to mount the TV on the wall
  • Arranging the room around the focal-piece of your wall mounted TV
  • Setting up a surround sound system (if you want one)
  • Hiding every wire either with wire tidies, or by running them through the walls

Having us do the work for you couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is give us a call, and talk to our friendly staff. They can arrange a time for our contractors to visit your property, ascertain how they can help you, and draw up a quick plan for getting the job done.