Electrical Switches Colorado Springs

electrical switches colorado springsUnderstanding Your Home’s Electrical Switches Colorado Springs

The utility company supplies electricity to your home through a step-down transformer and into your meter and home’s main service panel—commonly known as the breaker box. From the panel, electricity flows to your lights, home appliances, and other household systems through switches that either cuts or completes the electrical circuits.

Electrical switches are binary devices that manually or automatically control power flow to electrical components. They regulate the flow of current between the source of power and the load. When damaged, they can cause serious problems to either the load (home appliances), the home’s electrical system, or both. For example, if a switch that has been installed to control the current running to an electrical outlet in order to turn the TV or any other appliance on/off malfunctions, your valuable appliances may be damaged.

Switches come in different styles to suit your design needs. They can be classified according to;


  • One-Way (Single-Pole) Electrical Switch,
  • Two-Way (Double-Pole) Electrical Switch,
  • Three-Way Switch,
  • and Four-Way Switch

According to Usage

  • Do Not Disturb Switch,
  • Light Dimmer / Stepless Regulator,
  • Bell Push Switch,
  • Level Switches,
  • Foot Switches,
  • Limit Switches,
  • Magnetic Switches,
  • Membrane Switches,
  • Pressure Switches,
  • Pull Chain Switches,
  • Pushbutton Switches,
  • Locker Switches,
  • Rotary Switches,
  • Thumbwheel Switches
  • Pushwheel Switches, etc.

Common Issues with Electrical Switches Colorado Springs

1. The Switch Feels Warm, Hot or Buzzes When in Use

Does any of your electrical switches warms up or buzzes when flipped? If so, this can be an indication of a serious electrical problem that urgently requires the attention of a professional electrician.

2. Turning the Switch On Trips the Circuit Breaker

If a circuit breaker trips or a fuse blows every time a switch is turned on, the electrical problem could be anything from a faulty switch to a short circuit. It could also be breaker overload, but the best thing to do is to call a professional electrician for a permanent solution.

3. A Switch Stops “Switching”

When the switch stops working, then it’s time to call a professional electrician to troubleshoot and repair or replace it.

4. A Switch Sparks When Turning On and OFF

Malfunctioning switch may cause serious shocks to someone, not to mention they can be a fire hazard. When electrical switches spark as you flip ON/OFF, that’s a sure sign of an electrical problem and you need to call a professional electrician. If a smoke accompanies the spark, and a smell of burning or melting plastic, you may have an immediate electrical problem. Shutoff off the power at the breaker box and make an emergency call to your electrician. Whatever you do, do not attempt to fix an electrical switch without the assistance of a professional electrician—otherwise, the results can be shocking.

5. When You Receive a Shock Every Time You Touch a Switch, Especially When Bare Footed

Electrical shock is not a good experience. It might be mild, but it’s a reminder of how dangerous electricity can be if not correctly fitted. If every time you touch a switch you receive a shock, it’s a sign that your home’s electrical system is not grounded correctly and the problem need to be fixed as soon as possible.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Electrician to Fix Your Electrical Switches Colorado Springs

While you can try to fix loose doorknob or a leaky faucet, electrical repairs and installations should be left to the professionals for the following reasons;

1. Safety

Safety for your yourself, your family, and your house is enough reason to take a step back from attempting to repair electrical switches and outlets by yourself and instead call a professional electrician. Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous not just to yourself but to the people and property around you, especially if you don’t approach it with the right expertise, tools, and safety training.

2. Cost

More often than not, homeowners who attempt to repair electrical switched and outlets by themselves end up calling a professional electrician. Sadly, this happens after they have made the problem more complicated and costly to fix than it would have been had they called a professional electrician the first time.

3. Troubleshooting

An electrical switch may fail to work for various reason. Maybe it’s a loose connection with the outlet, maybe the switch itself has just stopped working, or maybe, it’s a symptom of a much larger problem with the electrical system. The only way to get it right the first time is by having a professional electrician use his or her expertise to find the problem and provide a permanent solution.

4. Training and Certification

Becoming a professional electrician requires putting many hours of studying, on-the-job-training, and going through an intensive certification process before earning a license to practice. The entire process is to guarantee that a professional electrician can always deliver quality and safe work at a higher standard that untrained person cannot achieve.

5. Long-Term Solution and Peace of Mind

When a professional electrician is handling the repairs, upgrades, and installations of electrical switches, you can rest easy knowing that the electrical work is guaranteed. The job will be done to meet high standards, which will help extend the lifespan of your electrical systems and prevent future problems. And if the problem persists, the professional electrician will be back to find a permanent solution free of charge.

Emergency Electrical Switches Colorado Springs

Electrical switches may be easy to operate, and most of them may look similar, but their mode of operation may be totally different. At Wire Works Co Inc., we understand that you may need emergency electrical assistance concerning switches and outlets. For this reason, our master electricians are usually on stand by and a call away. Whether your home or commercial property is around the Colorado Springs or in the remote areas of southern Colorado, we will always be there in time to help you find a long-lasting solution to any electrical-related crisis or dangerous electrical situation. Call us at (719) 492-6955 for any electrical emergencies.

Why You Should Call Wire Works Co Inc. for Electrical Repairs

We are a team of polite and professional electricians who genuinely cares about our clients. For this reason, our electrical services and customer experience are tailored to meet and surpass the highest industry standards. To us, there is no task that’s too big or too small, and that’s the way it has always been since our commencement. What’s more, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate all clients in Colorado Springs.

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