Electrician Broadmoor, Colorado Springs 80906

If you have some electrical work at home that needs doing, you may be tempted to do it yourself. Something like putting up a shelf is easy enough. But what about electrics: can you do these yourself, or do you need an Electrician Broadmoor, Colorado Springs 80906?

You shouldn’t do DIY electrical work. That’s because it’s easier to get electrical wrong than it is to get other kinds of DIY wrong. And if you do make a mistake, your family and your property could be at risk. As such, it’s better to rely on an expert electrician to do the work for you instead.

So, if you need an electrician Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, don’t do the work yourself. Call WireWorks Co Inc instead!

Hiring an Electrician Broadmoor, Colorado Springs 80906 vs. DIY

If you’re a DIY expert, you may be tempted to do electrical work too. After all, how different can it be? You buy anything you need from the hardware store, make use of your trusty drill, and put in some hard work. It can’t be that hard!

Electrician Broadmoor, Colorado Springs 80906
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So, should you hire an electrician, or do the work yourself? Here’s everything you should consider…

1) No Repeat Work

A good electrician does their job right, the first time. Electrical problems aren’t easy to fix on your own, although it is possible; but unless you have lots of experience, it’s easy to misdiagnose a problem, to install something incorrectly, or to use the wrong materials.

What this means is that a cheap DIY fix now can lead to more problems in the near future. You’ll either have to try for another DIY fix, or bite the bullet and hire a qualified electrician.

And what’s even more significant is how important electrics are. Say, for example, you install a fitted kitchen wrong. Well, one of the cupboard doors might be slightly loose, or the worktop may not be entirely flush with the cupboards below. That might be annoying, but you can live with it. But when electrical work goes wrong, you can’t ‘live with it’; it can cause fires, putting you and your family at risk.

2) Electrical is Complex

Electrics are entirely different to other kinds of DIY. With regular DIY, there are certain principles you have to understand: things like how much load a shelf can bear based on the screws you’ve used, for example. You can make a guess and you’ll probably be right.

But with electrics, you can’t just ‘make a guess’. Say you’re installing wiring, for example. Well, you can’t just ‘make a guess’ whether the wire is a live, neutral or ground. Again, if you got this wrong, you could cause a fire or electrocute yourself!

Of course, if you’re planning on doing electrical work, you probably do know the difference already. But there’s lots more to being an electrician than that. That’s why electricians need so many qualifications in order to do what they do.

3) Electrical is Hard Work

Besides being difficult to understand, electrics are hard work, too.

The main reason they’re hard is that electrics are hidden in your wall spaces. So, let’s say you have to replace some old frayed wiring. It’s not like changing light bulbs; you have to access the wires first! You can normally fish them through the access point, but this can be a tricky task. It’s just as tricky to run the new wire through the wall space, too.

Besides that, there are lots of other things you might have to do, including:

  • Lifting up carpets or lino so that you can access the floor
  • Lifting up floorboards to run electrical cables or remove electrical cables
  • Cutting channels in the walls for cables to run through

So, what in your head might have been a ‘simple rewiring’ is now getting more and more complicated.

What makes the job even more difficult is not having the experience of having done these things before. In addition to doing each of these tasks, you have to learn how to do them too. That adds even more time and effort into the equation. A residential electrician already knows all these things.

4) Electrics Are Messy

Like all DIY tasks, working with electrics can get messy. Lifting up the carpets, drilling holes and channels and accessing floor and wall spaces is a dirty job. You can expect to be covered in brick dust, regular dust and all kinds of dirt by the time you’re done.

This means that on top of all the work you’re doing learning a new kind of DIY, you’ll have a big clean-up job on your hands too.

5) You May Need a Permit

Another reason why you may need to hire an electrician Broadmoor, Colorado Springs is that lots of electrical work requires a permit. According to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies:

A valid Colorado State Electrical permit must be obtained prior to installing electrical wiring. All permits are valid for one year from the date the permit is issued. A homeowner or electrical contractor may obtain electrical permits online.”

They go on to say that a homeowner may do their own wiring if:

  • The work is personally performed by the homeowner and the property is not for sale, resale, or rent and is not generally open to the public.
  • All work is inspected prior to covering, i.e. insulation, drywall, etc. and again upon completion of the system prior to occupancy and permanent power release.
  • All electrical work complies with the National Electrical Code.

This means that you can’t legally do your electrical work without telling anybody. It also means you can’t get away with sloppy work, because if you haven’t done your electrical work to an electrician’s standard, you’ll be asked to redo it.

Fortunately, hiring a good electrician isn’t as hard as doing electrical work yourself! So, do you need an electrician Broadmoor, Colorado Springs? Then why not contact Wire Works Co Inc? We specialize in installing new wiring, updating old wiring and electrical panels, home security, home cinemas, commercial work and more.