Electrician Stetson Hills, Colorado Springs 80922

Hiring contractors can be a long and awkward process. You have to check online reviews, organize a time that they can come round, and perhaps even take a day off work. It’s little wonder people would rather try DIY. 

But when it comes to wiring, you shouldn’t take any shortcuts. Sometimes, you absolutely need to hire an electrician Stetson Hills, Colorado Springs. Here’s everything you need to know…

Electrician Stetson Hills, Colorado 80922
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1) When You’re Remodeling Your House

When you’re remodelling, no doubt you want to spend most of your time thinking of the beautiful new kitchen or bathroom you’re having fitted. There’s nothing more fun than thinking of a design, planning your new room, and seeing it come to life.

But there are lots of boring bits in between that you have to think of, too. This is when the frustration of adding to your home kicks in! For example, you might have picked out a big fifty inch TV which you can’t wait to watch movies on. But when you bring it home, you realize that it doesn’t quite fit the alcove you wanted to fit it in. Or, you might not have the space for a sound bar, surround sound, and the screen itself.

Lots of these frustrating little problems are to do with wiring. The location of outlets, the short length of wires, and ugly exposed wiring can all put a dampener on fun DIY projects. Plus, there are projects that require full rewires. For either of these issues, you should consult a residential electrician.

2) When You’re Building an Extension

When you’re building an extension, you’ll definitely need an electrician! An extension is completely new building, so it won’t have any power unless you wire it up. What use would a new room be if you can’t do anything in it?

You may also have to install a new electrical panel. Electrical panels have limits to how much electricity they can provide around the house. If you go over this limit, it won’t work properly. You’ll need a new one if you want lots of lights or other electrical items in your new room. 

3) When There’s Been an Accident

Fires and floods can badly damage your house. Of course, there’s everything you can see: burns, scorch marks and smoke damage; or, in the case of flood, water damage. But it’s the damage to the things you can’t see which is more important. Damage to the structure of your house can cause further problems.

Wiring is one area of particular importance. Any kind of damage can leave wiring frayed, twisted, damaged and exposed. This can cause problems with your electrics, but far more important is that it can cause fires. 

Depending on the extent of the damage, you may therefore need to hire an electrician Stetson Hills, Colorado Springs. While this is unfortunate, since it would be better if there had been no accident, you can take the opportunity to have your house fully rewired; this will leave your house in good condition for years to come. 

4) If Your House Is Old

Old houses have old wiring, and old wiring is often frayed and damaged. This isn’t an issue with the kind of wiring that people used to use; there’s no problem there. Rather, the issue stems from wear and tear. 

While no doubt your house is clean, rodents can come and go. They can cause wiring problems by chewing any wires they find. This is a strange behavior they display from when they needed to make burrows in the wild: the wires remind them of tree roots. But whatever the case, rats can leave wiring in poor condition.

Wiring can also be damaged by many other factors, including:

  • Excess heat. Heat can warp and damage the outer layer of a piece of wire, causing cracks and damage.
  • Moisture. We don’t need to tell you that damp and mold can be major problems in housing. But it can damage wiring, too.
  • Mechanical damage. If the wires were installed incorrectly, they may already have been damaged. A previous electrician pulling and bending wires in ways they didn’t ‘want’ to go may have left your wiring damaged before it was even used.

Depending on the kind and severity of damage, you may not need to order a complete rewiring. It’s possible to replace just one wire that’s frayed rather than the whole lot. This can save you lots of time and money. 

Why Hire Wire Works Co Inc Electrician Stetson Hills, Colorado Springs?

Wire Works Co Inc is an electrician company that’s native to Colorado Springs. We’ve been here for many years: we have over twenty years of specialized experience. But why should you hire us rather than the competition? Here’s why you should consider us your go to electrician Stetson Hills, Colorado Springs:

Our Reputation

Every local business lives and dies on its reputation. With good word-to-mouth reviews, a local business will earn far more work; with bad reviews, you may as well shut up shop already!

That’s why we put you at the heart of the process. Your satisfaction is easily the most important part of every job. We firmly believe in answering calls promptly, sticking to our estimates, remaining fully insured and licensed, and not making you feel uncomfortable in your own home while we work.

Our Professionalism

We treat every job we do as if it’s the most important we’ve ever been on. We leave your house as we found it, and treat every client with the respect they deserve.

Our Specializations 

In any business, you have to stand out and get noticed to be successful. It’s much easier to do that if you have specialisms and particular skills. That’s why many of our jobs are to do with home cinemas, smart home technology, and security.

Of course, we can work on any wiring job; but it helps to have an expert in your corner when you’re working on something complicated! 

So, what do you think? Still need wiring done, and looking for an electrician Stetson Hills, Colorado Springs 80922? Then why not give us a call today? One of our friendly call operators will handle your call, organize a time when you can meet our contractors, and then we can get to work!