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Lighting solutions – Transform a living space

Lighting solutions – Transform a living space
Lighting solutions Colorado Springs Electricians

Transform a living space with lighting solutions installation in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Why trust Wire Works with your lighting solutions?

Wire Works Co Inc has over 20 years of experience in providing quality electrical installations. Our licenses and insurance are up-to-date. In addition, we have many testimonials from satisfied clients. Wire Works Co Inc serves Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. We are a local and trusted electrician.  Contact us today  for personalized service.

What is a lighting solution?

A lighting solution embraces the best of electrical and home design. With a smart, well thought-out plan a professional electrician can accentuate the most beautiful parts of your home. In addition, better lighting can save you money on your electrical bills by installing energy efficient bulbs and allowing you to control your lighting with precision. Many lighting solutions can be even controlled by your iPhone or other smartphone.

How does it work?

  1. Shoot us an email or give us a call.
  2. We’ll schedule a time convenient for you to assess your home and unique needs.
  3. An easy to understand explanation and written estimate will be provided to you.
  4. After your agreement, Wire Works will install a lovely lighting solution for you. In addition, our installs are generally clean and very efficient. We are often praised for our clean up processes. No unnecessary holes in your walls will be attempted.
  5. Any option you prefer to pay with -cash, check or credit card- works just fine!

Contact us now to set up a consultation & receive a written estimate.

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Wire Works Co Inc provides electrical wiring in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today – our specialized consultations can take your electrical wiring, security system installation, home automation & home theater to the next level. Our electricians are certified and hold all proper licensing & insurance.


Atmos from Dolby – Is it important?

Take Your Home Theater to the Next Level with Dolby Atmos

If you want to experience one of a kind home entertainment, you must use it.

What is Atmos – all the geeky technical terms

Dolby Atmos technology can permit as many as 128 audio tracks with connected pan metadata. It is planned to be distributed to all theaters for a dynamic and optimal rendering to loudspeakers. Depending on the capabilities of your home theater system, you can benefit tremendously from its use.

Reinvent Your Home Theater

With Dolby Atmos home theater system, you can expect nothing but a whole new level of excitement when it comes to video entertainment. If what you are looking for in your home theater is immaculate sound, this new advancement in tech is just the thing for you. Dolby Atmos products allow you to upgrade your home theater to experience great benefits such as:

  • 3-D Space – Free from Channels

Surround sound generally requires you to hear from 5 or 7 speakers. Now though, sounds can exist as individual entities, called audio objects. All sounds can now flow around you in all 3 dimensions, including overhead.

  • Backwards compatible

In many cases, Atmos can be used with your current speakers and setup. In addition, many movies and other media are being released in the this newest audio format. However, if you want the sound to be truly immersive, especially over your head, then a professional consultation with a home theater installation expert can help.

  • Stellar Sound Performance

A/V Receivers – Offers you the highest reliability when it comes to home video and audio functions. Dolby Atmos’ A/V receivers are designed to transform and upgrade your living room home theater to a more powerful surround sound, which is ideal if your home theater is easy on your eyes but leaving your ears ill impressed. With Dolby Atmos, your A/V receiver comes with auto-calibration and speaker configuration that are completely flexible. 

  • Better sound everywhere

Movies are not the only entertainment that are available in surround sound. With Dolby Atmos, you can experience a whole new level of entertainment through TV shows, live sporting and streaming content – all in the higher specs of stunning image quality and sound performance from providers who support it.

The only problem you might find with upgrading your home theater to the next level is the cost and product knowledge. But that doesn’t have to be a problem: Contact Wire Works Co Inc today for an easy to understand explanation of this new technology. 

Official Resources

Brief Tech Overview

“Dolby Atmos for the home represents every sound in the original cinema mix as an audio object. Extensions to our Dolby Audio™ codecs, along with an advanced scalable algorithm, allow Dolby Atmos to be delivered via Blu-ray Disc and streaming media. A Dolby Atmos audio/video receiver (AVR) adapts the cinema experience to your home theater from seven speakers to as many as 34, recreating the original artistic concept.

  • Supports up to 128 simultaneous independent audio objects in a mix for rich, realistic, and breathtaking sound
  • Recreates the director’s original concept through descriptive metadata to provide customized playback for home theater
  • Delivers sounds above you through overhead speakers, special upward-firing Dolby Atmos speakers, or a Dolby Atmos enabled sound bar”

Contact Wire Works Co Inc today.

Save money on cooling costs this summer with ceiling fan installation


Summer is fast approaching. Although our Colorado weather has been mild and cool thus far, long & hot days will be upon us. Of course, we all want to keep our homes & families comfortable this summer. Let’s examine how we can do that through ceiling fan installation.

Why ceiling fan installation instead of air conditioning?

The negatives of Air Conditioning:

  •  To air condition a house is expensive
    • The Department of Energy estimates that 48% of your energy expenses are spent on heating & cooling.
    • 11 billion dollars are spent every year in the USA to power air conditioners
  • Air conditioning has an impact on health
    • Improper maintenance of an A/C unit can cause the spread of microorganisms
    • Too much air conditioning can cause dehydration & dry skin
  • Detrimental effects on the environment
    • The electricity to operate an air conditioner increases the release of greenhouse gas
    • A/C requires the use of refrigerants, which include CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs and other potent greenhouse gases, which could contribute to global warming

The positives of Ceiling Fan Installation:

  • Easy on the budget
    • Ventilation is the least expensive way to cool a home
      • Ceiling fans are considered the most effective way to ventilate a home
    • If you use air conditioning, a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about 4°F with no reduction in comfort. In temperate climates, or during moderately hot weather, ceiling fans may allow you to avoid using your air conditioner altogether.
  • Natural ventilation, such as from a ceiling fan, improves health
    • The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that natural ventilation, which includes outside air flowing through a building, is important for infection control. Indeed, WHO guidelines published in 2009 encourage use of such natural ventilation as an effective measure in reducing the risk of infection at health-care facilities. 
  • Good for the environment
    • Requires less power to operate
      • A fan consumes very little energy compared to actual air conditioning. If running a fan provides the comfort you need, then it is going to be more economical.
    • No harmful chemicals used in a ceiling fan’s operation

How do ceiling fans work?

Ceiling fans operate by creating a wind chill effect – this will make you more comfortable in your home – even if it’s also cooled by natural ventilation or air conditioning.

Ceiling fans are the best type of fan for your home. They circulate the air in a room to create a draft.

Tips for effective ceiling fan installation and maintenance

  1. Confirm that your home or room dimensions will best utilize a ceiling fan
    1. Ceiling fans are appropriate where the ceilings are at about eight feet high. Fans work best if the blades are 7 to 9 feet above the floor and 10 to 12 inches below the ceiling. Fans should be installed so their blades are no closer than 8 inches from the ceiling and 18 inches from the walls.
    2. Additional guidelines for spacing & measurement of ceiling fans are provided here
  2. A more expensive fan that operates quietly and smoothly will probably offer more trouble-free service than cheaper units.
  3. Ceiling fans labeled with ENERGY STAR® move air 20% more efficiently.
  4. In summer, the fan’s direction of rotation should be set so that air is blown downward (Usually counter-clockwise from beneath). The blades should lead with the upturned side as they spin. The breeze created by a ceiling fan speeds the evaporation of perspiration on human skin, which makes the body’s natural cooling mechanism much more efficient. Since the fan works directly on the body, rather than by changing the temperature of the air, during the summer it is a waste of electricity to leave a ceiling fan on when no one is in a room.


Wire Works Co Inc provides electrical wiring in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today – our specialized consultations can take your electrical wiring projects –including ceiling fan installation, security system installation, home automation & home theater — to the next level. Our electricians are certified and hold all proper licensing & insurance.

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Electrician Certifications – What do they mean for electrical wiring?


Electrician Certifications – What do they mean?

An Electrical Contractor or a Master Electrician installs and maintains electrical power, lighting, communication and control systems in homes, offices, businesses and factories. An Electrical Contractor would work on building a home theater, maintain electrical wiring install home automation or help with home theater installation.

A Master Electrician directs and trains other electricians to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring or equipment. He manages a team of electricians, studies blueprints or technical diagrams, identifies any electrical problems, and replaces electrical wires or rewires a building. An electrical contractor or a master electrician will have a comprehensive understanding of the state and local building regulations that are based on the National Electric Code.

Electrical contractors may work alone, or collaborate with other professionals such as architects, civil engineers and building contractors. They may work with specialists such as elevator installers, and heating and air conditioning workers.

What is the Minimum Qualification required to be an Electrician to work on electrical wiring?

In almost all states, electricians need to be certified. But before that, a prospective electrician must have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent. They should have taken 1 year of algebra in high school, pass an aptitude test and a drug test.

This is the minimum qualification required to attend a technical school, where they learn the techniques involved in operating with circuitry, electrical safety practices and the basics related to electrical science. On graduating from a technical school, electricians may continue their education and learn more about safety practices, details about the electrical code, and get specialized training by manufacturers in various electrical products

After completing their initial training, electricians may be required to take continuing education courses. These courses are usually related to safety practices, changes to the electrical code, and training from manufacturers in specific products such as security system installation, building a home theater or home automation.


What are Electrician Certifications?

Electricians are required to get certified even if they are trained through apprenticeship programs under electrical contracting companies that are sponsored by local unions or national associations.

Aspiring electricians may join a certificate program before or during an apprenticeship with an electrical contractor. An apprenticeship program may take 4 to 5 years to complete. During an apprenticeship program, electricians must complete a minimum of 144 hours of technical training and over 2,000 hours of on-the-job training.

An electrician certificate program is quite comprehensive and covers maintenance and installation of residential, commercial and industrial electrical systems, with a special focus on safety procedures. An electrician certification program takes a year to complete.

In a typical certification program, electricians receive training in the National Electrical Code, study electrical wiring, safety practices, reading blueprints, mathematics and so on.

On completing the apprenticeship, electricians-in-training should get certified by passing the state licensing exam. Getting certified is absolutely critical for electricians. All states require electricians to take the state licensing exams and be licensed before working as professionals in the field. For more information on this, get in touch with your state electrical licensing board.

What Can You Expect in a State Electrical Licensing Exam?

Electricians can get certified only by passing an electrical licensing exam conducted by their state board. In a typical licensing exam, electricians will be tested on their knowledge of electrical theory, national and local electrical codes. Some states require electricians to get a master electrician certification for specialized electrical work. It is important for electricians to have gathered sufficient work experience to become eligible for an electrician certification and licensing offered by their state.

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Wire Works Co Inc provides electrical wiring in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today – our specialized consultations can take your electrical wiring, security system installation, home automation & home theater to the next level. Our electricians are certified and hold all proper licensing & insurance.

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Security system installations for home & business

Security systems can help you safeguard the people you love.

For most, security is linked to their home & business. These are places where we are meant to be able to relax, work hard and enjoy life.

An important key to safeguarding those vital aspects of happiness is security system installation.

There are 3 important keys to security system installation:


Deterrence is effective: intruders are unlikely to break into a home or business if they notice anti-theft systems like video surveillance and alarm systems. This is known as perceived security.  Infiltrators will decide not to attempt to break in. Without deterrent systems an intruder might “approach a car, break the window, and then flee in response to an alarm being triggered. Either way, perhaps the car itself and the objects inside aren’t stolen, but with perceived security even the windows of the car have a lower chance of being damaged.”

  • Security Lighting

Security lighting is critical to security system installation and deterrent systems. A thief will think twice before entering a well-lit area because he is afraid of being seen. Invaders are prone to operate in the dark – doors & entrances should have adequate lighting to establish safety. In contrast to small patches of high-intensity lighting, a wide distribution of low-intensity lighting is better since it will not create blind spots for CCTV cameras and security forces. One major aspect of security lighting installation is ensuring that it is troublesome to tamper with the lights – for example, placing them high off the ground. In addition, security lighting must have adequate backup power.


Detection & surveillance 

Surveillance is the second key to security system installation. Through surveillance you can monitor the behavior and activities of people. This is for the purpose of protecting your family & assets.  Surveillance is essential to security – the Police can use your surveillance for the prevention of crime, the protection a person, or the investigation of crime.

  • Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are paramount to detection  – they will alert security personnel when unauthorized access is attempted. Detection systems can be configured to include motion sensors. A loud, audible noise like an alarm acts as psychological deterrent – it notifies burglars that their presence has been detected.

  • Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can also provide perceived security – a highly visible camera will deter intruders. In addition, surveillance cameras can be used for verification that alarms have actually triggered. They can be monitored & used for historical data gathering purposes – like turning the video over to police. Although CCTV has been traditionally used for video surveillance, this type of camera is giving way to camera networks operated over the internet. Wire Works Co Inc installs cameras that are affordable. They can be viewed remotely by you, anytime, anywhere. You can easily have settings for when you are away from home, for any length of time – daily, short vacations, or for extended periods.


Access Control

Access control allows you to monitor and control traffic through your building. This is accomplished with video surveillance, ID cards, & electronic locks, doors & gates.

  • Electronic Locks

A security system installation is incomplete without locks. Locks control entries through a door or gate. Electronic “keys” can be manufactured to allow access to certain people, and they can even allow access for certain days & times – Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Wire Works Co Inc provides security system installation in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today – our specialized consultations can take your security to the next level.

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Home theater installers & HDCP 2.2 – Why do you care?

How can a seemingly random string of letters & numbers affect your home theater?

When building a home theater, you should be knowledgeable about the latest security standards & how to ensure your videos, games & audio operate at premium levels.

What is HDCP?

  • HDCP 2.2, or High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection version 2.2.
  • HDCP is digital copy protection. In brief, this protocol prevents copying of digital audio & audio content.
4k HDCP 2.2 Compliant Switch

Are your 4K switches HDCP 2.2 Compliant?

Why do you care?

HDCP causes problems for you:

  • If you want to connect multiple screens to a device; for example, a bar with several televisions connected to one satellite receiver or when a user has a closed laptop and uses an external display as the only monitor.
  • Video games can become latent because of additional processing power required. Live streaming or capture of game play is also adversely affected.
  • Edward Felten wrote “the main practical effect of HDCP has been to create one more way in which your electronics could fail to work properly with your TV.”
  • All Apple laptops, if they are confronted with HDCP, automatically switch all output from the DVI / Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt connector port to be HDCP compliant. If the user then wishes to record or use videoconferencing programs, these are inherently forbidden by HDCP.

What about HDCP 2.2?

  • HDCP 2.2 is a physical chipset. Only NEW chipsets can support 2.2 – existing chipsets cannot be upgraded with firmware.  HDCP 2.2 is a requirement for any source device delivering HDCP content at 4K UltraHD resolutions.
  • It’s important to research your products of choice and make sure they’ve been designed to work with future technologies, especially when researching & building a home theater.
  • Home theater installers need to be especially cautious when installing systems: Understanding HDCP 2.2 limitations is critical for any dealer looking to install a 4K UltraHD system

Give the quick summation. What do I need to do?


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