Commercial CCTV business security – Why & How?


In an increasingly crime prevalent world our personal and business security is on our minds more and more. Also known as Video Surveillance, CCTV has been both trusted and doubted, relied upon and the source of much debate. What is the history of CCTV and how is it used today? What are the limitations  and what are the benefits? Let Wire Works Co Inc be your guide to security systems in Colorado Springs

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The first known CCTV installed was in 1942 Germany to observe the launch of the V-2 rockets. Seven years later the first commercially used CCTV was installed in the United States under the name “Vericon”. Unfortunately little is known about Vericon itself, and the continued growth of Video Surveillance in general was slow in the following decades.

Though there were some early forerunners in installation, CCTV didn’t really start taking off until the 1980s when surveillance by video began to spread all across the country in efforts to limit crime rate. Then, in the mid-1990s police departments joined in by installing surveillance in various public places, like schools and public park departments.

In 2014 there were an estimated 245 million video surveillance cameras worldwide in a variety of applications such as retailing, industry, banking, transportation, communication, health care, apartment buildings, hotels, and private homes. And in contrast with the poor abilities of early video surveillance, modern CCTV just keeps improving.

commercial business cctv colorado springs


There is strong evidence that CCTV aids in the detection and conviction of offenders, yet there is much public and political hostility toward video surveillance in the issue of personal privacy. Some even reference George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, calling CCTV “Big Brother Surveillance.”

While there are many published papers strongly against the use of video surveillance in public areas, the fact of video surveillance being used in private homes or small businesses doesn’t appear to be debated as heavily. And we believe for good reason. Most people will admit that not only does CCTV help business owners to run a more honest, safe, and crime-free business, it also helps with peace of mind. This peace of mind transfers over when video surveillance is used in the private home.

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There is a wide range in the quality of the system you may look into buying. Ranging from just a couple hundred dollars to the many thousands, the cost of what you could install is affected by many factors. These factors also strongly influence the limitations and/or benefits of your particular CCTV system.

Among the obvious limitations of a camera system is that while it will record a crime taking place, a camera does not have the ability to immediately put up a force field or some such around the offender (we don’t live in a science fiction story). But, many CCTV systems do have the ability to work with the other security systems installed in your home or business. For instance, when alarms are set off in a particular area, the cameras in that area may have the ability to record at an improved frame rate and then transmit that to an Alarm Receiving Center. Some cameras can even identify, track and categorize things in their line of vision, with the help of video surveillance software.

Perhaps another limitation is actually within the type of recording system you use. Some need to be monitored live, whereas others can use recording technology. Among recording technology there are many options: Some can be recorded onto a DVR, which can then be watched and retained, or removed. Others have the ability to take high resolution images from the scene either on a motion-detection basis or by time lapse photography. Yet others will only record video based on motion-detection.

While there are many other factors to consider, and many pros and cons therein, the benefits of using CCTV in either your home or business heavily outweigh the limitations.

commercial business cctv colorado springs


Prevent Crime.

Simply the presence of a security camera in sight of your business or home can deter not only outsiders from doing something they shouldn’t, but also (unfortunate that we have to consider this) our employees.


Let’s say a crime is committed, but we were either not home when it happened, or couldn’t get the offender before they left. Having your CCTV system set up to record can be a great asset as evidence against the criminal. On top of that, your system may be used in helping Law Enforcement solve a crime you weren’t even aware of.

Confidence in Security.

Many CCTV systems can link with the internet, therefore your smart phone or tablet. Since this is the case, you would have the ability to not only check on your home while you’re away, but also any loved ones you may be concerned about (such as elderly relatives). In your business, knowing that cameras are around can give customers the confidence that if something were to occur to endanger them, there would be recorded evidence of it. They would feel an increase of security in your establishment.

commercial business cctv colorado springs

How to install CCTV

It can be overwhelming trying to find the right CCTV system and software that is just right for you. And then, if you were to find it or are just looking to upgrade the security camera system you presently have, “who can I trust to install/ improve it,” would be a valid question.

Let Wire Works Co Inc do our best to help. If you live in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area we would be more than happy to be of assistance. With over 20 years of experience you can fully depend on us to provide work of the highest quality and with the most up-to-date techniques. Contact us!


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