Professional Electricians in Colorado Springs – 5 Common Misconceptions

Everyone has opinions. As with many subjects, there are many items that people say or preconceptions they have. Some true, many untrue. This includes the subject of electricians. Particularly Professional Electricians.

Given this fact, I want to talk about some common misconceptions about Electricians. We’ll clear up 5 misconceptions about professional electricians in this article:

#1 Misconception: I can do the electrical work myself.

Some people think that being an electrician is something that every homeowner can “become”, and maybe should become. With the rise in a  “Do It Yourself” mentality many may be tempted to try their hand at electrical work. They may think that much like other household chores, electrical work can’t be that hard to master.

Yes and no.

Although almost anyone could become a Professional Electrician if they wanted to, there are definitely many skills that are needed for the job.  For example, an Electrician needs to have math skills and extensive electrical knowledge in general. One would also need experience in drawing electrical diagrams and a vast knowledge of code regulations. Without this training an electrical job would be dangerous, even impossible.professional-electricians-colorado-springs

#2 Misconception: Any General Contractor can do what a Professional Electrician does.

To many who have experience in construction work it may seem obvious that not every General Contractor can do what a Professional Electrician can. But to those with less construction knowledge it may not seem so black and white.

There are many areas of construction work, and while a skilled General Contractor may have quite a bit o’ knowledge on how electrical works, being a Professional Electrician is quite another story. Working with electricity is a specialized trade.

There is an extensive store of knowledge that is required of an electrician, whether he is an apprentice, journeyman, or master electrician. Along the way, not only do they acquire hands on experience, but there is also a degree of education involved that pertains directly to their field.professional-electricians-colorado-springs-outlet

#3 Misconception: Electricians will tear apart your walls!

Especially if one is remodeling an older home in which rewiring is necessary, the subject of how extensively the walls will be damaged can be a very real worry. It need not be.

The process of rewiring your home will not be a big worry if you find an electrician that has done that process before and is skilled at it. How extensive a Professional Electrician will need to see into your walls will depend greatly on their make-up (eg. brick or frame, plaster, paneling, one story home or two, etc.) Rest assured, though, this shouldn’t be a huge concern . There are many electricians skilled in this area, and even enjoy the process.

#4 Misconception: What Professional Electricians do is very dangerous or risky.

In the past electrical work used to be very dangerous (about a hundred years ago an electrician’s apprentice had a one in two chance of surviving his apprenticeship), and it still can be dangerous in some fields. For the vast majority of home or commercial work, though, a professional electrician will not be in great danger. In fact, most people who retain injuries or even have fatal contact with electricity are not electricians at all but are homeowners.

Professional Electricians have received significant training. And precautions are always in place to prevent injuries or accidents.

professional-electricians-colorado-springs-sign#5 Misconception: Hiring a licensed Electrician isn’t necessary.

For most of us, cost can be an issue. Because of this many people resort to hiring an unlicensed or uninsured electrician. Despite the small sum of money one may save by going this route initially, in the long run this could be a very dangerous decision.

An unlicensed electrician cannot guarantee the quality or accuracy of their service. If they do not fix your problem accurately your home or business could be in more danger than before. In the least, you may end up dishing out more money than you could have by simply hiring a licensed Electrician.

There is also the subject of safety. If your electrician is uninsured as well, there is the risk of them injuring themselves, others, or your property and not being able to cover that expense.

With these misconceptions out of the way, consider Wire Works Co., Inc. for your electrical needs.

Wire Works is a company of highly skilled, well-educated Professional Electricians. We are BBB rated, fully licensed and insured. We take pride in making sure our work is done safely and properly, and most importantly that our clients come out happy. You can feel at ease knowing that your home or business will remain safe and undamaged. Contact us today!

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Wire Works Co Inc provides electrical wiring in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today – our specialized consultations can take your electrical wiringsecurity system installation, home automation & TV over fireplace installation to the next level. Our electricians are certified and hold all proper licensing & insurance.

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