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Working with anything electrical-related can be dangerous for you and your home. For your own and family’s safety, always contact an electrician Woodland Park to help you with whatever electrical problems you are having at home.

One of the challenges that homeowners face in the Woodland Park, Colorado area is not having enough reliable home service contractors that will assist them with their needs. Being a remote area, it can seem really difficult to find the contractor that you need.

Wire Works Co Inc is mobile service; we come to you!

We have been helping out residents of Woodland Park, Colorado area for many years. Our electricians are highly competent and had years of experience dealing with several electrical concerns such as installation and repairs. We also do home service in the Woodland Park Colorado area.

Below is a list of services that we offer to all residents of Woodland Park and in the Cascade area.


Electrical Panel Upgrade: Master electrician Woodland Park, Colorado

The electrical panel is a device that provides power in the entire home and it’s one of the most essential components. You can talk to us if you’re not sure whether you should or should not upgrade your electrical panel. But here are some reasons why you might want to consider upgrading it:

Your home is already old

If you own modern gadgets yet your home has obsolete electrical panels, you may want to consider upgrading yours. Obsolete ones may not be able to handle the workload so you will definitely need an upgrade. Consider upgrading if you plan to also install major appliances such as an air conditioning unit, a hot tub, a water heater or a refrigerator.

Prevent Fires

If you have an old electrical panel, you have greater chances of possibly getting an electrical fire in the home. To make sure this doesn’t happen, consider getting an upgrade.

Consistent Electricity Flow

It may encourage you to upgrade when you find out that getting a new one will actually ensure a good flow of electricity in your homes. You will no longer have to worry about flickering lights ever or burnt-out gadgets and appliances. This is a good reason to actually get an upgrade.


One advantage of getting a new electrical panel is this will run more efficiently. That means you get to save money on your utility bills. In addition, it can also reduce your homeowner’s insurance bill since your home will be safer with an upgraded electrical panel.

Increase the Value of Home with an electrician Woodland Park, Colorado

You definitely should consider getting one if you’re thinking about selling your home. These panels aren’t only pleasing to the eye but they also add security to the home. Rest assured, your home will have a higher value when you upgrade your electrical panel.

TV Mounting Services

Did you buy a new LCD, 3D TV or LED TV? We can help you securely mount your television on the wall. We can securely install your tv on concrete walls, plaster, brick walls, tiles, metal surface and even tiles. We can also assist you in connecting these devices to your home theatre systems or speakers.

Generator Installation

Power outages are extremely inconvenient. You may have bigger problems especially when you work from home and you have an emergency meeting with a boss. If you store a lot of food in the fridge, you may no longer get a chance to eat them as they will surely be spoiled.

To prevent this from happening, you can always consider buying a home generator. When there are extreme weather conditions and you really need electricity, you have a backup. Home generators will be extremely helpful too especially when you’re running a business from home.

Generators are also perfect for emergencies. If you have need help to install this, we can definitely do this for you.

Electrical Repairs

Are you having frequent electrical surges caused by lightning or defective appliances or even bad wiring? Are your switches not working properly or are you having problems with the circuit breaker?

Don’t worry, we can do almost any electrical repairs for you. Call us if the problem really persists and you won’t be able to rectify them.

Security Cameras installed by electrician Woodland Park, Colorado

Security cameras are beneficial as you can monitor your properties even when you’re not nearby. Through remote access, you can even monitor vacation properties and second homes. In a worst-case scenario where there is a home invasion, you can identify the people involved with your home security cameras.

In addition, you can monitor your children too. You can watch them play in various parts of your home. With a security camera, you get to also reduce your homeowners’ insurance. It may cost you to install them yet you are able to save money in the long run.

Call us if you need assistance in installing security cameras in your homes.

LED Light Installation

If you’re looking to add energy-efficient light in your homes, LEDs will be the best choice. They are 80 percent more efficient than traditional lights. LEDs also do not contain toxic elements and they are very environment-friendly. They also last a lot longer than traditional lights. More importantly, they have better quality light distribution in your room.

Contact us if you need to install new LED lighting, as we have years of experience doing this.

Other Electrical Services

We do offer other electrical services to your homes. Contact your electrician Woodland Park for more assistance.

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